Call of Duty: Ghosts Extinction Mode Information + *NEW* Perk System – COD Ghosts Multiplayer Online

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25 thoughts on “Call of Duty: Ghosts Extinction Mode Information + *NEW* Perk System – COD Ghosts Multiplayer Online

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  3. kets ha ha

    all I heard was ur opinion about the extinction mode ;o which is a lil misleading becuz u said information also the survival mode of this game u have on is nothing like aliens its not the same mode at all nor does it have the same loadouts ;o u cant have a mini gun in survival nor a helicopter or a hypno knife to make enemies friends ;o to compare aliens to this is silly however ur perks system for MULTIPLAYER is spot on aliens is NOT zombies or survival seen gameplay its gonna be fun try it =3

  4. kets ha ha

    also as one of these players said down below safeguard is there survival mode which I think will be fun too being able to use all the toys in the series will be enjoyable


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